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Object: Planet - Jupiter with moons Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, , medium distance from earth 770 000 000 km
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Note: Jupiter as Saturnus are gas giants and that is a planet composed of hydrogen and helium. Your weight will increase x2.5 on Jupiter. Ohh and the distance.. Imagen yourself in a nice space vehicle that goes in 100km/h Well you will need: a lot of food, a spouse to breed the next generation and they in turn needs the same and their children must have a new generation. It will take your DNA 192 years to reach Jupiter in this speed. So how many generations normally will it take: You + 30 years, your children + 30 years, theirs children + 30 years.... 5-6 generations is needed, well there is no haste. Coming so far... who the heck wants to land on Jupiter.
Telescope=Celestron-C9,25-CGE-FL=2350mm Camera=Canon700D-Baader-mod Exposures=film 1000 pics, 100 used ISO 125 Weather= No data
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