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Object: Messier 45 - Pleiades in Taurus, magnitude 1.6, distance 444 ly                                Mouse rollover image
Discovered by: long long time ago
Note: An open cluster with mostly young blue stars surronded by reflection nebulosity. To the left is the star Merope and Merope Nebula, bottom is Elerctra, to the right is Maia and Maia nebula, top is star Alcyone. Pleiades is also called the seven sisters and this group is visible on the night sky to the naked eye. This stars are one of the groups closest to earth
Telescope=Sky-Watcher-Explorer-190MN-Pro-FL=1000 Camera=Canon750D-Baader-mod Exposures=14x360, 5x240, 3x120 ISO 800
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