Go Back In space - Taken from Sweden  


Object: NGC 2403 - Intermediate spiral galaxy in Camelopardalis, magnitude 8.9, distance 8 Mly
Discovered by: William Herschel in 1788
Note: NGC 2403 seems to be a hard task for an DSLR camera and haze and light pollution, inspite filters this galaxy is still a very hard object for me and my gear at my location. I have taken 150-200 pics on it but cant get it any better than this. 2020-04-17: It seems like the galaxy is not much easier with CCD cameras, then it got to be rather faint I guess. I will give it another try some day.
Telescope=Sky-Watcher-Explorer-190MN-Pro-FL=1000 Camera=Canon700D-Baader-mod Exposures=5x120, 93x360 ISO 800
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