Go Back In space - Taken from Sweden  


Object: Messier 95(right) and 96 - Barred spiral galaxies, mgn 9.7, 9.2, 32.6 Mly, 31 Mly - 2023-04-20
Discovered by: Pierre M├ęchain in 1781, 4 days later by Charles Messier
Note: There was blowing some wind entire night which caused 130 pictures going to the bin. I took a chance that it would calm down during the night but no. However some result came through anyhow
Telescope=Sky-Watcher-Explorer-190MN-Pro-FL=1000 Camera=ZWO-ASI-1600M-Pro-Cool Exposures=Lum 50x40s, RGB ca 15x60s Bin 1x1
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